Online Therapy


Are you tired of long travel times to therapy? Sitting in city traffic? Packing all the children up in the car? Are you not able to access speech-language pathology services because of where you live? Well, we have the solution for you.

Here at Anderson Therapy Services, we strive to fulfill our team motto, Communication: The Human Link, and want to be able to provide our services to anyone who requires them. Regardless of where you live, Online Speech Therapy is effective and accessible. Whether you live in downtown Toronto, in a small rural town, or across the ocean, we can provide you with premium speech-language services.

Providing online speech-language services is not new to the Anderson Speech Team. With over 12 years of experience, we are considered pioneers in the development and implementation of online/telepractice speech-language services. Ongoing education and training keep us at the forefront of changes in digital resources and potential clinical applications. Drawing from these specialized insights, we select assessment and therapy intervention approaches utilizing both existing and emerging technologies. More importantly, we take into account your unique cultural and speech-language needs.

Our clinical team members have received intensive training from the American Telemedicine Association’s Speech Telepractice Training Program. This certification provides us with the tools to maintain security and ensures that you receive the highest quality speech services online. Additionally, our Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) and Communicative Disorders Assistants (CDAs) are always working to develop creative, fun, and interactive digital activities to help deliver speech-language services.

Convenient & Accessible

Using this online therapy service model eliminates travel time and associated costs while giving you convenient access to consistent and reliable clinical service. Over the past decade we have seen this approach bridge geographical distance, especially among the Aboriginal communities we serve, and become a preferred delivery model for many of our clients, near and far.

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Urban Areas

Recently, many of our in-office clients have opted to receive speech therapy services via online, especially since it is as equally effective as traditional in-person therapy. We are able to work with children for any speech and/or languages needs or adults who have acquired brain injuries or neurodegenerative disorders.

Why would you opt to receive online therapy versus traditional in-person sessions?

  • Avoid travelling – Don’t worry about travelling in rush hour traffic or packing everyone up in the car or finding a sitter for your other children. We can offer exciting and interactive therapy over your computer or iPad in the comfort of your own home.
  • Avoid travelling costs – You could pay us to visit you at home, work, or your child’s daycare, but why would you? We can offer the same level of service over the computer and you’ll save money.
  • Fun and Intuitive – We design fun and interactive activities for our online clients. We have extensive experience with creating a great ‘virtual’ environment to keep you or your child motivated during a session.
  • Hassle Free – It’s as simple as accepting the invitation that we send to you via email to join the virtual therapy session.

Rural Areas

We currently serve many individuals in rural areas in Northern Ontario. We often hear clients complain about travelling long distances or receiving inconsistent in-person therapy. Our online speech therapy offers high quality and consistent speech services to help you reach you or your child’s targeted goals.

Here are 4 great reasons to use our online speech therapy services:

  • Avoid long distance travelling – Receive great services at home on your computer.
  • Avoid paying for in-home services – Avoid extra costs of paying a therapist to visit your home. Don’t worry about making your home presentable, just turn on your computer and accept our invitation via your email.
  • Equally Effective – Services are sometimes not easily accessible, especially for individuals in rural areas. By hiring one of our speech language professionals, we can offer you high quality and consistent speech-language therapy services. Remember, consistency is the key to achieving your targeted goals.
  • Low bandwidth requirements – Using our online speech-language services won’t take up too much of your internet usage or require a high bandwidth.

Available to both adults and children, our online services can be tailored for individuals or groups within a standard setting (e.g. school, community centre, assisted living facility, rehabilitation centre). It’s up to you to choose the location where you wish to receive your online speech-language treatments. There’s no need for travel to an in-person session, whether you’re just around the corner from our office or in a remote corner of the world.