What are Oral Motor Disorders?

Speech-Language Therapy

Oral motor disorders or apraxia of speech is defined as a “breakdown” in the message from the brain to the mechanisms of speech (e.g., lips, tongue, vocal cords, jaw) when making specific sounds. This “breakdown” results in sounds being inconsistent or imprecise which may lead to speech that is difficult to understand. This can be frustrating for individuals with this difficulty; they know exactly what they want to say, but their motor systems cannot produce sounds accurately.

The Anderson Speech Team works with leading healthcare providers to ensure children and adults reach their full potential. Our team develops customized treatment plans and provides high quality, empathetic, and creative therapy.

Treatment Options

A number of specialized therapy techniques including PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets) and Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol are used in treatment. Session can take place in office or Online/Telepractice.

Clients can receive treatment at our clinic in Burlington or from the comfort of their own home using our Online/Telepractice.

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