5 Tips for Making Reading Fun!

Did you know that children begin to develop early language skills right from birth? Emergent literacy plays a significant role in a child’s later literacy development. One of the most important ways to promote early literacy development is by making reading fun! Our team at Anderson Speech Consultants has put together a variety of tips to help parents and caregivers make reading fun:

1. Read in front of your child:

Even if your child has not yet picked up a book or showed any interest in reading, pick up your own book, magazine or newspaper and read in front of your child. If your child sees you reading, they are likely to show some interest in what mommy or daddy is doing and may want to copy you!

2. Place books in several areas of the child’s environment:

Often, books are found in a child’s bedroom and are therefore associated with bed time. Try placing books in many areas of the home so that they are available anytime!

2. Encourage your child to have a say:

Reading is never fun for anybody if it is seen as a chore! Try scheduling a trip to the library so that your child can choose books that suit their interests from a never-ending variety. There are often events going on at the library as well that will promote literacy – go to your local library’s website or call to find out what events they have coming up.

4. Limit screen time:

Several studies have shown that reading is one of the most educational activities. Although it is difficult to avoid technology in today’s world, it is important to incorporate reading time into daily routines and set a good balance between reading and screen-time!

5. Incorporate play into literacy:

Incorporate other activities into reading, such as role-play, songs, crafts and puppets to make things more interesting! Young children have a limited attention span, so you need to build variety into reading to keep them captivated. Take frequent breaks if you find your little one is distracted or frustrated.



Learn More About Emergent Literacy

If you are interested in learning more about emergent literacy and child language development, please contact us to speak with one of our speech-language professionals today. We have helped hundreds of clients throughout Southern Ontario, Canada, and internationally understand speech development, emergent literacy, and language disorders. Our team is certified in innovative therapy techniques and can provide an assessment of your child to determine where they are with their speech, language, and literacy development.