5 Reasons Why Online Therapy May be an Option for you!

Now, I bet you are wondering “What is online therapy exactly?”. Well, online speech-language therapy is a method that allows Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) and Communicative Disorders Assistants (CDAs) to provide therapy through the web with the use of a computer and/or video conferencing technologies.

There has been some new insights into the idea that online therapy (AKA “teletherapy” or “Telespeech”) can be just as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy! The ASC team has put together 5 reasons why online therapy may be an option for you and your family:

It’s Extremely Flexible:

In today’s busy world, it is often discouraging having to drive to yet another appointment on top of other activities and planned events for your child or yourself. Online therapy allows therapists to come to you and sessions can be arranged around your schedule. Meeting with your therapist over the computer eliminates any travel concerns and allows you to have more flexibility in when you would like to schedule your 1:1 therapy sessions. Clients also enjoy the added benefit of completing sessions from the comfort of their own homes- we have found that this allows clients to get more engaged in the session as they are more comfortable with the setting.

It’s Technologically Savvy:

Let’s face it- digital therapy is becoming more and more relevant in today’s technologically driven society. Online therapy brings therapy materials to a whole new level through dynamic and visually stimulating activities. With online therapy, our team is able to utilize different materials and engage participants in different ways.

It’s Cost Effective:

One of the many advantages to receiving online therapy is that it eliminates potential travel costs that would otherwise be required to have a therapist visit your home. Using online therapy will save the client’s time and money!

It Allows for Service Delivery to Remote Areas:

It is often extremely difficult and costly to provide therapy to remote areas. Through the use of online therapy, clinicians have the opportunity to deliver therapy to remote areas that would otherwise not receive service. By scheduling regular online meetings, therapists can provide consistent and high quality therapy to meet the unique needs of their clients.

It’s Fun and Intuitive:

Although online therapy is often seen as a foreign concept when compared to traditional face-to-face therapy, the learning curve for clients is minimal as the therapist is responsible for controlling the session. Digital therapy is extremely intuitive and truly provides clients with a fun and unique way to learn!

Overall, we have found that online speech is an effective, convenient, and cost-effective way to receive speech therapy. Anderson Speech Consultants uses leading edge technology to ensure that online speech-language sessions have the best possible outcome.  

Learn More About Receiving Online Speech & Language Therapy

 Our team at Anderson Speech Consultants has provided online speech and language assessments and intervention to clients across Canada for over a decade. We specialize in serving remote communities, including First Nation communities across Canada. Our team is certified in innovative therapy techniques and can provide an assessment for you or your child within the areas of speech, language and literacy. If you are interested in learning more about our online therapy services, please contact us to speak with one of our speech-language professionals.